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Oct 10

Lindsay Harris

Confused about healthcare? You're not alone.

by Lindsay Harris

We get it. Healthcare is complicated. Figuring out when and where to go to get healthcare services you need is difficult. Trying to figure out what those services will cost you or how to deal with your health plan is even harder. Complicated Explanation of Benefits? Check. Terminology that sounds like gibberish? Check. No wonder so many people opt out and don’t get healthcare until they don’t have a choice.

So, what to do?

At RGA, our mission is to straighten the pathway to good health by making benefits easy to use, by making services easy to find, and by offering providers who are the best in the business. Our team of experts stands ready to support members who need a little help to find a provider or understand their benefits. We’re also actively working to offer new resources so everyone can be a healthcare expert without having to call Customer Care. 

Member education videos

rga-blog-image.jpgOn that point, RGA is happy to announce the release of a new set of instructional videos aimed at simplifying healthcare by educating members on a variety of issues. Topics in the series range from benefits and coverage basics to what to do when you get a new ID card in the mail, how to ensure preventative care you get is covered in full by your plan, and other important subjects.

The video series is available for viewing on the Members page of our website. Unlike a flyer, our videos will always be available where and when members need them. They’re short, engaging and fun. The videos can be downloaded for use in Open Enrollment meetings, benefit fairs or other places that the companies RGA serves share information with their members. 

Updated Explanation of Benefits

RGA is also working on a new Explanation of Benefits (EOB) that makes it easier for members to find the information they care about the most including what they owe the provider and how much they have left to pay to satisfy their deductible for the year. Our new EOB will be available early in 2018. If you’d like to see a sneak peak, please contact your Account Manager.

We’ll continue to make healthcare less complicated whenever and wherever possible so members can navigate the healthcare system and their benefits with confidence and efficiency. Watch this space for more updates on ways we’re innovating to improve healthcare so every member can consider themselves a healthcare expert.