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Jun 29

Kathleen Shaner

Wellness at Orange Theory!

by Kathleen Shaner

Is there a better way to end the day than to work out?  Last night 19 of our employees thought that it would be the perfect ending so they changed from business casual to `workout hard’ attire and headed to Orange Theory in Bellevue.  Orange Theory hosted an HMA only event and we all learned what `getting your sweat on’ really means!  Our combined efforts resulted in 13,651 calories burned and 373 “splat points” during the 60-minute strength workout.

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to participate in an Orange Theory workout. I hadn’t challenged myself to a workout in a while. Orange Theory reminded me of how great it feels to take care of physical wellbeing! I felt a lot more energetic and refreshed after our session.” Avina Vongpradith, Healthcare Informatics

Wearing heart rate monitors helped track not only our heart rate as it ascended and descended throughout the hour, but it also tracked our calorie burn.  We could view our stats on the screen at any time.  As we lifted, rowed and ran to the energizing music and cheerleading coach, we encouraged each other and had a blast.

“Looking beyond the actual workout experience, I admired how the event encouraged employees to live an active, healthy lifestyle and promote a sense of wellness within the company.” Belita Ho, Human Resources

Focusing on wellbeing can be a challenge with a busy schedule.  But after last night’s event, I believe that we have a strong indicator of where our employee’s priorities and interests lie.