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Sep 12

Jenn Tucci, MPH, RD

September is Fruits & Veggies—More Matters Month

by Jenn Tucci, MPH, RD

September is Fruits & Veggies—More Matters Month.  Fewer than 18% of adults in the U.S. eat the recommended amount of fruit, and fewer than 14% eat the recommended amount of vegetables.  To help you add more fruits and veggies to your day, try adding them to some of the things you may already be preparing at home.  Here’s how…

For Breakfast

  • Top oatmeal or cereal with berries or dried fruit
  • Add veggies to scrambled eggs and make it a veggie scramble
  • Make pancake batter with canned pumpkin or mashed bananas instead of eggs

For Lunch

  • Add extra veggies to soups, stews, and chili
  • Add sliced tomato or avocado to sandwiches
  • Use a romaine heart or big leaf of dark green lettuce as a sandwich wrap

For Dinner

  • Purée carrots, butternut squash or bell peppers into spaghetti sauce
  • Add extra veggies to stir fries and skillet meals
  • Mix in or purée veggies with mac-n-cheese or other pasta dishes.
  • Cover a pizza with veggies or throw a salad on top after baking

For Dessert

  • Make cupcakes with a can of pumpkin (instead of oil, eggs and water)
  • Make pudding or frozen desserts with avocados—you can find many simple recipes online

Don’t have time to chop vegetables?  That’s OK.  Frozen is just as good as fresh!