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Jul 11

Steve Suter

A Message from Our New CEO

by Steve Suter

b0010793_1_small.jpgWhen David Snodgrass founded RGA in 1986, he recognized the need to reduce employer health plan costs. Thirty-one years later, that need and the necessity to create a member experience that removes confusion are both greater than ever.

Today, David has entrusted me with building on his legacy as I become the company’s second-ever CEO. David is one of the true pioneers of the TPA industry, and I’ve been incredibly fortunate to learn the business by working elbow-to-elbow with him over the last two-plus years. RGA is the strong, forward-thinking, compassionate, and successful company it is today thanks to David’s clear vision and inspiring leadership. That speaks volumes about his impact and effectiveness and about our stability as a company.

Please join me in congratulating David for helping to improve the lives of so many people. I’m humbled to be following him and grateful to him for agreeing to stay on as a strategic adviser for RGA.

b0010809_1_small.jpgLooking ahead.

RGA will build on the work we’ve been doing over the last several years. Our mission is clear: to take great care of members and help the employers we serve save money.

You should expect the momentum you’ve seen from RGA over the last 24 months to accelerate. You’ve watched as we’ve enhanced our analytics, launched multiple products and services, added talent, and consulted with you on some of your biggest challenges. We’ve listened carefully to your feedback and suggestions. A recent example is the launch of our new Care Navigator service. The service was launched as a direct result of a challenge given to us by one of our broker partners. We listened, quickly innovated, and started a pilot program within 90 days. Watch for more inventive thinking and reimagining of programs, systems, and products that encourage members to be more proactive in their healthcare and make smarter choices with plan and care options.

We’re also going to dial up our commitment to being accessible, another pillar of our success. Our desire is to be the collaborator that’s there when you need us, and the partner that listens and says “yes” to new ideas and strategies.

Stay tuned.

There will be more exciting news to share in the days ahead. As pioneers of self-funded benefit programs, we’re always developing new products and services that help employers take control of their healthcare plans and that achieve the dual goals of cost containment and positive member experiences. We know how successful a self-funded plan can be (after all, we administer our own health plan), and we’ll be proactive in helping employers understand how they can succeed with it too.

One last thing (for now). Call me old-school, if you must, but I’m the kind of person who enjoys a good face-to-face conversation. It’s a more personal approach to doing business, one that I’ve always felt was more effective, and it speaks to our core value of accessibility. So please, always feel free to reach out to me, or anybody on our team, directly.

We’re here to help. Always have been, always will be.