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Jul 22

Braden Bost

Oregon Residents: Know Your Rights About Confidential Communications

by Braden Bost

Your Protected Health Information (PHI) is strictly guarded under federal HIPAA requirements, but you also have the right to request certain restrictions on the way it is used or disclosed. Confidential communications can be requested by any person who wants a provider, carrier, or third-party administrator (TPA) to communicate with them about their PHI in specific ways.

The state of Oregon is now requiring that carriers and TPA's make their members who live in Oregon aware of their right to have their PHI sent directly to them, instead of the person who pays for the health plan (such as a parent or spouse). This information can be sent directly to you via email, telephone, and/or to a different mailing address.

If you are an RGA member residing in Oregon, you can request confidential communications by submitting your completed Oregon Request for Confidential Communication Form to RGA at P.O. Box 52730 Bellevue, WA 98015 or by faxing to 1-866-458-5486. 

You can find more information on Oregon’s Department of Consumer and Business Services website:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact RGA‘s Customer Care team at 1-866-738-3924.