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Jul 11

As David Snodgrass retires after 31 years, new RGA CEO Steve Suter offers thoughts about how the self-funded insurer will keep up the momentum. read more

Jun 29

Orange Theory hosted an HMA only event and we all learned what `getting your sweat on' really means! read more

Jun 27

Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 read more

Jun 19

We are excited to welcome our 2017 Summer Interns to Healthcare Management Administrators! read more

May 30

For healthcare plans, there are (very broadly speaking) two kinds of members: healthy and not so healthy. Typically, healthy members are folks who proactively address their healthcare needs and stay healthy by accessing preventative care services, exercising, and eating well. Conversely, the not-so-healthy crowd accesses healthcare only when a catastrophic event takes place. This high-risk, not-so-healthy group drives a disproportionate share of the medical costs. According to Verisk Health Analytics, 5 percent of the average workplace population drives 58 percent of medical expenditures.1 read more